Saumur Gallery

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En route to Saumur – breakfast in Falaise

DSCF0048 (Large)
Rooftops in Saumur
Town Hall and the Community Band (Warwick)
DSCN0319 (Large)
Saumur – the Community Band, with Ron Everett
DSCF0062 (Large)
More rooftops
DSCN0341 (Large)
A view of the Chateau across the Loire
Roger and Suzette on a charity cycle ride along the Loire

Image1 (Large)

Ferry across the Channel

IMG_0086.JPG (2) (Large)
View from the top of the new theatre – a rare view
~A beautiful view
Waiting to leave Saumur
Saumur – both sides of the Loire
Party time at the Chateau
The bridge
& more rooftops
The beautiful bridge
A baguette for lunch in the Square
The Saumur Saturday Market
& another beautiful view – with a lovely blue sky


Saumur 2017



Warwick Rocks in Saumur